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Cobra’s takeoff:

Born from the meeting between a passionate of the emblematic Cobra, member of the Cobra club of France, and the passionate of sculpture that I am, this bronze sculpture is an interpretation inspired from the forms of origins (carried out in 1/10), the lower part participating in the sculptural effect, in the impetus and the motion felt.

Its famous carved logo in volume, the rope attaching the nut to the convex plate symbolizing the road, are all winks to the attention of fans of the Cobra.

The nut scale 1:1, molded on an original nut, is the only element of the sculpture that was not created by my hand.

 Exhibited at the Rétro Mobile Park Expo Paris 2017 on the Gentleman Car stand next to his big sisters.

Material : Bronze

Dimensions : (cm)

H: 35     W: 50    D: 22

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