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I shape the clay ... or the plaster ... then the bronze ... and many other materials.

Therefore a less exhaustive designation could be "Plastic artist-sculptor".

The material is part of the artistic expression, it is part of the original works creation.


Cartoons and comics made me dream. As a child, I spent hours reproducing my heroes. This artistic tenacity instilled in me the notion of proportions, motion in space, the ability to transmit images from the brain to the hand.

Confidential until 1999, this skill was revealed to the general public during a drawing contest. My boards were posted at the Bièvres comics festival on the contest organizer’s stand. I earned a meeting opportunity, and by this way an initiation to modeling. A real revelation. The contact of the material, the volume:

THE essential dimension to my expression.


I like this quote that is attributed to Auguste Rodin

"Sculpture is drawing all around".


Since then, through private or institutional workshops, and groups of living models, I used different graphic techniques, modeling, sculpture and molding.


At the “Maison Des Artistes” since 2011,

ADAGP member,

I am admitted by my Peers in 2013 as an Artist member of the Artists Association,

Painters, Sculptors, Engravers and draughtsmen: TAYLOR foundation.

Artist Member A.I.A.M. (International Friendships (Amitiés) André Malraux) since 2015


I carve as I would draw in volume.

I like playing with writings, classics, brutes or moderns,

to exalt original creations on the most varied themes,

from the nude art to animal art, to human passions,

from the expression of a feeling to that of a motion,

the path from the eye to the hand,

I model my visions to arouse emotion ... and the created work becomes yours.


One of my creations seduced you?

Or does the work of your dreams exist in your thoughts without being able to reveal itself?

Let's talk about it…


Sculpture reward "Friends of the Paris Autumn Salon" 2014 ou “Les amis du salon d'automne de Paris” 2014.

Audience reward “25th AARA Angerville Salon” ou “25è salon AARA d'Angerville”  


My creations are displayed on public view mainly on private exhibitions, other events and art markets.


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